FF prep schools

<p>Does any one have any experience at one of the FF sponsored prep schools?</p>

<p>go to falconfoundation.org they have a list of links to all the schools. I'm going to Marion next year with my FF scholarship! airportsaresuper is my aim if you want to talk.</p>

<p>My son went to NWP in the fall of 2005. He liked it. It is only of 1 semester and then he came home and enrolled in college for the Spring Semester. It is alot of work, but benefitted him much. His ACT score increased by 4 points. They eat very well there. It is beautiful in the mountains of San Bernadino, Ca. You live in houses with other guys and they really had a great time. Made some good friends while there. Not a lot of free time as had study hall every night. The couple that runs it seems to have lots of connections, as they were always hosting dinners for people you need to know for an appointment. They have a 99% appointment rate and you pretty much get in unless you ROYALLY screw up/ get kicked out. They somehow managed to have a blast and get an appointment despited a little mischief!! We would do it again, as it did help get in. The scholarship pays about 2/3rds of the tuition (includes meals and they feed you VERY well) Only other expense was getting there and back and ACT/SAT exam fees with the transportation on a bus (about $300). You can take a cell phone, no computers. Used his ipod all the time. I think it is the route to go if you don't get an appointment this time. You have to be in school anyway, so why not use this "back door" approach. It will be nice when he goes to AFA in June with about a dozen or so friends already. Good Luck!!</p>

<p>Hello, folks. I'm the dad of an '08 cadet. He also got a Falcon scholarship. Just thought I would volunteer any help if I can. I know how daunting the whole process is.</p>

<p>I am looking to go to NW Prep in the fall. Right now I am signed up as a free agent, I am still waiting to get a follow up from a phone call offering a falcon scholarship.</p>

<p>I know a couple guys who went to New Mexico Military Institue and have nothing good to say about it. The food was horrible (much worse than Mitch's, and we all complain about that) and the command worse. I'd recommend visiting before you would consider it. Other than that, I don't have any knowledge of the others.</p>

<p>My son attended Wentworth Military Academy, Lexington, MO. I can't say he really enjoyed it, but they did a fantastic job preparing him for the Academy. It was an Army based program, but with some Air Force officers teaching there too. NWP was not his choice, because he said if he was going to be in a military world for the next several years, he wanted to get used to it. NWP didn't seem to offer that. All 7 of his fellow Falcons got their appointments. At Wentworth they also taught him some badly needed study skills. I can't say enough good things about the faculty and staff . Just my opinion.</p>


<p>I just recieved the FF letter and have selected Wentworth as my prep school choice. Is there anything you wished your son would have known before going to the college?</p>


<p>My son went to NWP. He worked hard while there. Not sure about your choice in prep programs. I would recommend NWP on FF scholarship to anyone wanting to get in. Interestingly, at the end of their 2nd year @ the academy, some who really wanted an appointment have gone home. Some of them surprised my son, some didn't. I am not sure anything can prepare you for the "academy experience" fully. He has learned alot about the human race there. Some people will do anything to get ahead. But, that's the real world, he had just never experienced it! Good Luck!!</p>