fHow likely are Berkeley transers to get their first choice housing?

<p>Just curious, do transfers get priority? I heard it's a lottery system but transfers get priority over freshman. I'm not sure about this...</p>

<p>btw, what are the best and worst places to live?</p>

<p><em>sorry for the thread typos!! I won't do that again</em>*</p>

<p>nope. freshmen already got their offers....</p>

<p>someone's been partying!</p>

<p>"best" in a lot of ppl's opinions are the units: they're social, middle-priced, and not AS far from the campus as some other housing. worst, i won't say. it's different for everybody</p>

<p>How likely are transfers to be placed in unit 1 or 3? Are those units reserved for freshman?</p>

<p>You'll have no problem getting into Units 1, 2, or 3 ...I lived in Unit 1 Cheney Hall when I transferred. All of my floormates were freshmen or sophomores, but I enjoyed it and even met my best friend while living there. There's a bunch of people on each floor and most people are really sociable. Pricing is great and you're most likely to get the authentic dorm experience in one of these vs. in a secluded complex like Clark Kerr or Foothill.</p>