Fifty Dollars

<p>This post may make some people mad. I understand.
Anyway, I recently was repaid 50 dollars which I lent to my friend. Now, for some reason, I have this urge to spend it but I don't know on what.
I want something that will last for awhile and something I can say was worth it.</p>

<p>I was thinking, should I buy GTA:San Andreas. But I thought, in 2 or 3 years, it will probably be under my bed gathering dust. </p>

<p>Any recommendations on how to invest my 50 dollars?
Should I buy room decor things like awesome lamps, posters and what not?</p>

<p>Ok, here's what you do: Buy an excessive amount of painkillers and take them until you are no longer conscious and can no longer make threads like this.</p>

<p>Sorry. No, you buy San Andreas! I loved Vice City but I hear this is even better! Think about it this way, we are leaving for college next year(looking at the 05' in your username), so why would we put money into decorating our room?</p>

<p>Two words: crack cocaine.</p>

<p>silent hill 4?</p>

<p>USB Junp Drive</p>

<p>wow its been a long time since i have been here, ive been busy in school work,lol,met lots of new people and am graduating this year,also turning 21,San andreas is a great game but i have been moving slow in it,i purchased it on the 26, and have been playing it little by little, the game is 6 times as big as vice city and tons, i mean tons more to do in the game,their are casinos,supposed big foot,Yetti and Ufo sightings, and the game doesnt load in between bridge crossings, as did vice city, it only loads when you go in and out of buildings,overall the game is great and personally i would of bought it for $100 its so great,so if your a GTA fan def buy it and if not,spend it on someone you love, or your mom it will make you feel go inside,glad to be back</p>

<p>are you all mad? HALO 2!!! Comes out tuesday and you can kiss your free time goodbye. :D</p>

<p>Buy GTA...</p>

<p>If you're not an uber-nerd who spends hours a day playing videogames, it should take you at least several months of casual-to-serious playing to beat the game.</p>

<p>I know it took me a solid 4-5 months to beat Vice City, and that's without trying for 100% achievement.</p>

<p>Oh, and I bought San's SICK.</p>

<p>halo smalo

<p>Dude, be super cool and invest it or something. Or buy a college sweatshirt. Those cost like $50 and you'll need it for at least 4 years. </p>

<p>I know nothing about video games, so can't really relate to all the enthusiasm.</p>

<p>paypal me the $50 and i'll think of something smart for you</p>

<p>I would recommend saving it for college. It will be more needed and beneficial during those four years. Believe me :-).</p>

<p>However, if you are filthy rich, you could just donate it to charity.
Or, since it seems you want to spend it, buy some DVDs or games if you don't have many already.</p>

<p>take a girl you like out on a date. Don't go to the movies... go... salsa dancing. Then go for some ice cream.</p>

<p>buy $50 worth of in&out burgers. the long term effects of this will most definitely last you more than the 4 years you'll need that nifty college sweatshirt... Room decor sounds like a cool idea.</p>

<p>you blow your nose w/ it bc if you're a ny trust fund baby like me it doesnt really matter. </p>

<p>haha.hahahahaha. no, you buy the sims bc you're a wuss and you like cute games like that. i do!</p>

<p>Get a deal and pay five of your friends ten bucks each to sign up for something.</p>

<p>haha u guys really buy college sweaters before u attend or get accepted?</p>

<p>The Sims 2 is soooo fun! Sad as it is, it's fun-ner than my life. (gasp) I especially like my alien children.They're so cute and buggy-eyed (laughs). Have you found Bella? I had given up and downloaded her from a house from the Sims Exchange. I love the BBS. I'm a n00b if that means anything to you. </p>

<p>Anyway, donate it to the Red Cross. I'm not rich. I am but a poor unemployed high school student and donated 200 to the Red Cross when I was having a nasty episode of my hypomania stage. Ah, what can you do? </p>

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haha u guys really buy college sweaters before u attend or get accepted?


<p>LOL, I am one of those. Being from Nevada, I went all the way across the country to Ohio and one of my main reasons for going was to buy a CWRU sweatshirt.</p>

<p>Ah, the Sims!! Anything Sims would be a fantastic idea. Crayon, do you happen to remember all the horror stories posted when they came out with the first patch to Hot Date?</p>