<p>Can someone explain what these are exactly and whether they recommend doing them? I looked at their UW page and it doesn't give a ton of info.</p>

<p>It’s just a package of classes to make registration easier for freshmen. They set aside places in a set of classes based on your proposed major (or undecided). There are lots to choose from, at least if you go through orientation early in the summer. I don’t think you have any choice of whether or not to do it - it’s just the way freshmen register for fall classes. There’s similar program for transfer students.</p>

<p>Not all freshmen will choose to do a FIG.</p>

<p>A FIG is packaged with two 5-credit courses (ie. Math 124, CSE 142) as well as a 2 credit “exploration” seminar where you get to know the other students in your FIG group.</p>

<p>See if any FIGs match the classes you’d want to take in the fall. I personally didn’t do a FIG, but I’ve heard both good and bad stories about doing it. Some people enjoyed being thrown together with 20 other students to try to make friends, others couldn’t wait for the quarter to be over to get away from them. It depends on you (and luck on who else signs up for that FIG). </p>

<p>Of course, you could always take the two 5-credit courses separately (not in a FIG). Alternatively, you can add another class on top of the FIG if you wish.</p>

<p>Since you’re taking an extra 2 credit class, does it cost extra? And thank you guys for the information, very helpful!</p>

<p>No. You can take up to 18 credits without an additional tuition fee. You need 12 credits to be a full time student. </p>

<p>Typically, students will take about 15 credits (45 credits/year). Freshmen typically will have three 5-credit courses for intro courses (other courses range 1-5 credits).</p>

<p>In a FIG, you’ll have two 5-credit classes (10 credits) + 2 credit class (2 credits), which will put you at 12 credits. Thus, sometimes students will tack on a 2-3 credit class (ie. Music) or even a 5 credit class if they think they can handle it.</p>

<p>However, don’t overwork yourself - don’t take a CSE/MATH FIG and then add a PHYS class or something. :)</p>