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<p>I am currently a Junior in HS and I have a file open with admissions. I have new accomplishments to add to my application and I was wondering if I should do this now, or if I should wait for my candidate kit in August to update. Also, for those of you who have been through the process : Does West Point ask for teacher reccomendations(how many - Does one of them have to be from math/science teacher?)? I was just wondering so I could give some thought to who I might ask. Can anyone give me (and other hopeful 2013ers) some insight into what the candidate kit entails (i.e. -when should DODMERB exam be taken / CFA / other requirements) - like a timeframe. THANKS SO MUCH! Everyone on this site is extremely all give out priceless advice!</p>

<p>You will need a recommendation from a junior or senior year math, science, and English teacher. After you receive your candidate kit, you will receive separate instructions for the DODMERB exam. My advice is to deal with this over the summer so you don't have to miss school for it. CFA should be done after you are confident you have practiced enough to do well. You should strive to get everything in as soon as possible, as admissions is rolling and sooner is always better than later. Also, if you are a strong candidate, you may get a coveted early LOA. Another process to get started early is the application for nomination by your senators and congressman. Some of their requirements can be very labor intensive. You should be contacting them now (or checking their websites) to see what is necessary.
Good luck to you...this is a great place to get help!</p>


<p>If I recall correctly, the science teacher should be either Chemistry or Physics. If you know in advance that you will need the 3 teachers (also Math and English as stated by mom3boys) you may want to give them a heads-up that you'll be asking. They'll appreciate a longer lead time. Also, you may want to check with your MOC's and get on the list to receive their packages as soon as possible. They will likely also want letters and could need them from the same teachers - or others. Somewhere along the line, somebody will need a coach's letter, also.</p>

<p>Good luck and you're very smart to start preparing this early. Actually it's not too early. :)</p>

<p>This is a great time to get a timeline together and get organised. Aim to have your West Point file complete by the end of November if possible. Nomination packets are usually due in the October to December timeframe. </p>

<p>The class of 2013 will likely have the first online application, so things may change a little (teachers, coaches etc. will most likely fill out the recommendation form and submit CFA results online with secure digital signatures). </p>

<p>The science recommendation must be from a lab science (chemistry or physics) teacher. You can use a teacher from sophomore junior year if necessary (my son took AP chem in his sophomore year). If you know your teacher may be leaving the school at the end of the school year, make arrangements and get their contact details from them before they leave if possible.</p>

<p>Things you can start on now include:
1. start training for the CFA
2. find out the SAT and ACT exam dates, study for them both and take both tests multiple times
3. find out when your Nomination packets will be made available and when the completed packets will be due
4. find good leadership opportunities for this summer
5. Speak to teachers etc. and ask them if they will be willing to write a recommendation for you later in the year
6. If you know you have had medical issues, think about the paperwork that will be needed to document your status - surgical reports, pathology reports, x-rays etc.</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>Thanks so much for all of the useful information! Does anyone else have any input... Candidates?...Appointees? All of your help is greatly appreciated!</p>

<p>Also, should I try to update my file with new accomplishments now or just wait until the Candidate Kit comes in August?

<p>I would do it when you send in your 6th semester transcripts at the end of your junior year.</p>

<p>Okay. How should I update admissions? Should I write them a letter and send an update resume?</p>

<p>Sorry to keep asking questions, but does West Point require an essay? If so, do you pick the topic or do they?</p>

<p>Sorry to keep asking questions, but does WP require an essay? If so do they pick the topic or does the applicant? Thanks</p>

<p>You will be assigned several brief topics to write about. All this will be in your packet when it arrives over the summer.</p>

<p>This may not be required anymore:</p>

<p>Along with the three (math/science/English) teacher recommendations, my d (Class of 2011) also needed 3 letters of recommendations. One of the three needed to be from her guidance counselor, but the other two could be from people/teachers of her choice. These were to be sent in directly to WP.</p>

<p>The math/science/English recs were not formal letters, but a card that each teacher filled out, sealed and mailed in directly. </p>

<p>When you ask for these recs, suggest they make copies in case they get "lost in the mail."</p>

<p>Very good idea...I love the "lost in the mail" teachers are great but they sometimes have a tendency to lose reports ect. Thanks for the info!</p>

<p>The application for class of 2012 had required three essays, but the trick was it had to be hand written on specified form and you were only given the specified lines to write them in. There was one long essay (you where given about one page) then there was two shorter ones. To make sure I could my essay into the right amount of space, I copied the form and practiced writing on the copies before I wrote on the actual form. The essay topics weren't difficult, it is just making sure you can fit all that you want to say into that short amount of space proved to be a little difficult.</p>