Filed FAFSA in Oct 2017 for 2018-19 but school did not receive it

We filed my son’s FAFSA in October 2017 for the 2018-19 school year, however, I just learned today that the school did not receive it. My son talked to the FA office this afternoon and gave them the FAFSA DRN number from his SAR so they can try and retrieve it his application, but I’m wondering if there is anything else he/we should do.

Oh my!

Is your son a returning student or a soon to be freshman

He’s a returning student.

Well…good that he is a returning student. It’s likely you have time to get this resolved.

So I assume his FAFSA only had one school code on it, for the school he is currently attending?

Could they explain why they didn’t receive the FAFSA?

That’s correct, just one school (that he attended his freshman year). They could not explain why they hadn’t received it and asked if they were the named school (yes) and if it was for the 2018-19 school year (yes). They are contacting FAFSA to request a duplicate. I’m trying not to freak out ~ no financial aid would be a very big problem for us.

Assuming there were no processing issues, there will be a processing date from October on the FAFSA. That will satisfy any priority filing deadlines the school has. The only issue he could run into is if you are very low income & SEOG was already awarded (or some similar issue if there is limited institutional aid to be awarded). There will be issues if the FAFSA was not actually processed with a valid EFC in October - in that case, the date it actually finished processing will be used.

Thank you for your answer @kelsmom My printed copy of the SAR shows a processed date of 10/04/17 and has a valid EFC listed. I received an email this morning from FAFSA stating that a Financial Aid Administrator at my son’s school had made a correction to his FAFSA, and a second processed date is now listed (today’s date) on his file. He is not an SEOG recipient.

At any school where I have worked, the original processed date is used by the school as the date to determine priority filing date. You may want to follow up to make sure they use the original date for your S, just in case … you don’t want to lose out on any possible aid (although it may not be relevant for your case).

Thank you so much for this advice @kelsmom

Just to update ~ the Financial Aid Office at my son’s school was able to get a duplicate of his FAFSA using the DRN number and we were told that the late processing would not have any effect on his FA package. ** sigh of relief ** Still don’t know why they did not receive his FAFSA in October when it was originally processed, though.

Weird things happen, and that is why it is good to stay on top of things. I am glad it turned out well for you!

Yes! Now we know ~ lesson learned!