Filing really late for Financial Aid

<p>I finally submitted my FAFSA, CSS PROFILE, and everything else that is required for Northwestern University financial aid, but the only problem is that the deadline was February 15. How much would that affect the amount of aid I receive? Also, does anyone know when I should expect to hear back from the university as to how much I'll receive?</p>

<p>Since I'm already posting questions, if my custodial parents efc is 7,500 and my non-custodial parents efc is 60,000, how much of an impact would my non-custodial's income have on the amount of financial aid I receive? The cost of attendance is about 60,000 a year.</p>

<p>If you were hoping for aid, why did you wait so long after the deadline to apply?</p>

<p>It is less than a week until you have to make a matriculation decision. I suggest you call Northwestern and ask them your question. Their deadline for financial aid applications has LONG past. You will need to ask them about the timeline.</p>

<p>You might also want to ask for an extension of the May 1 matriculation decision deadline…but make sure you also do so for a couple of schools that you can afford to attend where you have been accepted. You want to have some options if the financial aid at NU doesn’t work out.</p>

<p>It’s not my fault. I kept telling my dad, but he kept saying that he’s done this plenty of times before and that it was okey to not send it in until April and to not worry about it and yada yada. I thought I read that it’s still possible to get aid after the deadline; I just won’t be able to get as much aid. Is this true?</p>

<p>thumper1: I already made my decision, so I don’t need an extension for the matriculation deadline of any college. I really want to go to Northwestern, I just want to make sure I can go for as little money as possible.</p>

<p>You may be lucky. Privates with large endowments can often make late awards. If this was a public you’d be completely out of luck. In those cases once it’s gone, it’s gone.</p>

<p>You should call asap (but with that non-custodial efc I doubt you’d get much/any aid no matter when you filed).</p>