Filling for FAFSA with an illegal parent...?

<p>Hey guys,</p>

<p>Im trying to help out a friend of mine who has been accepted to Eastern Michigan University. Turns out he will not be able to afford tuition unless he gets some sort of fin. aid. I really would like to be the difference in him being able to go to college, but I don't know how to advise him. He is a U.S. citizen. His dad is nowhere to be found and his mom is here illegally ,yet she files taxes (don't know how this is possible). How does he claim this when filling out his FAFSA form without putting his mom in a dangerous position with the government?</p>

<p>Any help would be greatly appreciated.</p>

<p>He just needs to follow the FAFSA instructions and will file using his mom's income/asset info but will enter 0's for her SSN.</p>

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<p>FYI: His mom may be filing taxes using a Tax ID Number. Lots of people do this for different reasons, not just because they don't have an SSN.</p>

<p>Please have him contact EMU's financial aid office & ask to speak with a financial aid officer. They are really helpful! I worked at another MI college, and EMU's financial aid office has a good reputation.</p>

<p>Thank You for all the feedback! I will forward all this to him.</p>