filling out financial documents

International students who have filled out financial aid docs, please help here. My brother is filling out his docs right know (IFSAA) for colleges, and we are worried about a few things.
He will have an emergency fund( my uncle will provide it) but rn he doesn’t have it, should we indicate that he has it or not?(will it really hurt him if he writes that he doesn’t have?). And should he really list every college he applied to(they are all LACs)?
Another thing is that my family can provide some amount of his tuition but it will come again from my uncle( it is in cash, (my brother will receive it only after his admission) and not in the bank, so we can’t get a bank statement, it is very complicated in my country), how can we explain that?
When he applied to Europe(safeties for him) there was not any problem like that, so now we are really concerned…
He is applying to almost full tuition&room(we can cover room and board with my uncle’s help), our family income is ridiculously low for the US.

Re-post this in the International Students Forum or in the Financial Aid Forum so that people who know about this issue can see it.

My gues would be that you need to file the IFSAA with your parents’ real financial situation, and then go to your uncle for help later if your brother is accepted and the aid package leaves any gaps.

I don’t believe you can list money you don’t HAVE on the forms…with the exception of already approved loans.

So…if the uncle has not already given this money to you family…I doubt you can list it.

Thanks for the advice! I will repost it on another forum.