Filling out SRAR

I am currently filling out the SRAR for some schools and the letter grades have + and - (ie. A+, A, A-). However, my transcript doesn’t show or do + or - so basically a 90-99 is an A. I do remember some of my specific grades in a lot of my classes so do I just put that or just an A for all of them? Just for the classes I don’t really remember clearly my grade do I just do an A?

Hopefully this makes sense

Match your transcript

DC matched her transcript exactly. Her school district does not have A+, only A (100% - 94%) & A- (93% - 90%).

So on SRAR she selected A, even if it was for a grade she received 97%.

It would be nice if they could add a blurb of guidance to it for the kids, like the USC application.

What you put on the SRAR will eventually be verified by your final transcript if you matriculate, so put what matches your transcript.