filling taxes

<p>i only had work study last semester and no other job. do i need to file taxes for 2011? do i pay taxes?</p>

<p>The standard deduction is around $5700 for 2011. If your earned income (including any taxable scholarships and grants) is under $5700, and you had no unearned income, you probably don't need to file a tax return.</p>


<p>Are your parents entitled to claim you as a dependent? If not, you are entitled to a $3700 exemption as well as the 2011 standard deduction of $5800 (assuming you are filing single).</p>

<p>Also, check your paystubs. If you hadn't claimed 'exempt' on your W-4, the college may have withheld federal and state taxes which you can claim back by filing tax returns.</p>