Film Production: Barnard or Northwestern?

So I want to become a director in the industry and that’s why I want to attend a college that has production focused courses. I am either going to ED to Barnard or NU but I don’t know which one. Barnard has a “film studies” program so it is focused on the theory of filmmaking, but also has many production courses, plus you can also take Columbia’s film classes as well. Also, it’s in NYC so that’s definitely an advantage.

On the other hand, it looks like Northwestern has a “communication” school which shows that they are focused on the production rather than the theory, they provide students industry level equipment. NU also has many film internship opportunities and seminars for students to build network with industry professionals. But it certainly doesn’t have the location advantage as Barnard does. Also I am thinking about graduate school. I feel like if I study at Barnard it would be easier for me to get into Columbia’s MFA Film program.

I want to ED one of the two schools because I need full financial aid so it would be too risky for me to apply regular and expect them to give me 4 years of full aid. I’m stuck. What should I do?