Film Production: What does it take to get in?

<p>My DS just finished his sophomore year in high school. He is just starting to look at schools for film production- and planning visits for next year. Right now he has a 4.0 GPA (unweighted), in honors classes. Next year he will take 3 AP classes. He has not yet taken the SAT's. He has made 10 films, one of which is currently in submission at 11 film festivals (he hasn't heard if it has been accepted anywhere yet- the first deadlines for notification are next month). What does it take to get into the top film production programs such as USC or NYU? What would you suggest he do in the next year to enhance his chances? Is there a certain SAT score he needs to aim for (obviously, the best he can get- but what is "good enough") Thanks for your help!</p>

<p>I am a senior in college studying Multimedia. I am now applying to graduate film schools. I am probably applying to some of the same schools as your son. I am a native New Yorker but I am not a fan of NYU. I am applying to Columbia instead.</p>

<p>He can get into a great film school like Cal Arts(tim burton is an alumni) and not have to worry about the SAT. But if he wants to go to NYU or USC he will need a high SAT score and great creative writing skills. Look on their website! I believe the schools post the average SAT score of applicants who were accepted. For USC undergrad he will need at least a 3.8 for all four years of high school. NYU film school is more unpredictable as far as what they are looking for. I am sure if you call NYU undergrad admissions they can give you statistics of applicants scores/GPAs.</p>