Film Universities in California!!!

<p>I want to stay in California for college and I really want to get into studying cinematography. I'm a little confused on which schools would be best for me to start looking into.
I'm applying to ucla, ucsb, ucsd, ucsc, csu long beach.
Just wondering what you thought of these colleges? And if you knew which direction I should be looking in for a good film program.</p>

<p>USC film is by far the best.</p>

<p>i know usc has an AMAZING film program. i was sort of trying to steer clear from a private college though. mainly because of the cost</p>

<p>^ 10-4. UCLA is second best then. Don't know much about film at the others. Good luck!</p>

<p>Check out Chapman University in Orange, CA....their Film Department has an excellent reputation.</p>