Fin Aid at Carleton - how much is loans?

<p>Anyone know how much of the typical FA is comprisded of loans, or where I can find this info?</p>

<p>Affording Carleton
Carleton believes that all admitted students should be able to attend regardless of their financial situation. Therefore, the college is committed to providing financial aid that meets the full demonstrated financial need of students for all four years.</p>

<p>For most students, costs will be an important factor as college decisions are made. However, we encourage you not to react only to "sticker price." Carleton's financial assistance can make a difference and can make it affordable. So, explore whether Carleton would be a good college choice for you first, then we'll work with you and your family to try to make it possible.</p>

<p>Comprehensive Fee: Students attending Carleton pay an all-inclusive fee, called a comprehensive fee, which is regarded as an annual charge rather than the sum of charges for each term covering tuition, room, board, and student activities. There are no special fees charged for laboratory work or field trips, or for diplomas upon graduation. All students are entitled to admission without charge to most athletic contests, concerts, plays, movies, lectures and other campus events. These activities as well as subscriptions to the student publications are covered by the student activities fee.</p>

<p>The 2007-2008 comprehensive fee is $45,645 and is allocated as follows:</p>

<p>Tuition $35,958
Student Activity Fee $198
Room $4,944
Board $4,545
Total $45,645 </p>

<p>The above costs do not include expenses related to books and supplies, personal expenses and transportation costs. These costs will vary according to the courses taken, distance traveled and lifestyle choices.</p>

<p>I can only give you my experience. The financial aid award includes the usual government-sponsored loans (Perkins, Stafford), a work-study, and the remainder in grants. The entire package covered 100% of need. Carleton is on the generous side when calculating need.</p>

<p>Carleton-sponsored National Merit scholarships and outside scholarships will be used to offset loans first, then work-study, then grants.</p>

<p>You might find Carleton</a> College: Student Financial Services: Aid Awarded to 2007-2008 New Students helpful.</p>

<p>Do parents generally wind up paying what FAFSA says is their EFC?</p>

<p>firefly said--
...usual government-sponsored loans (Perkins, Stafford), </p>

<p>About what percent of the FA package is comprised of the Perkins and Stafford?</p>

<p>I am also interested in Mmomm's question,</p>

<p>Do parents generally wind up paying what FAFSA says is their EFC?</p>

<p>Go to this link Carleton</a> College: Student Financial Services: Financing Options
and click on Loan Comparison Chart. </p>

<p>We didn't qualify for need-based federal and state loans, so the package included approximately $2000 in unsubsidized Stafford loans (which was offset by the National Merit scholarship), approximately $2100 in work-study, and the remainder in grants.</p>

<p>The percent of the FA package in Perkins and Stafford loans will depend on how big your package is - the loans are for standard amounts (refer to the chart).</p>

<p>As for EFC, Carleton also uses the Profile, so it seems that Carleton's EFC is something of a hybrid (which may allow room for negotiation).</p>

<p>I have had excellent experiences with the Carleton Student Financial Services office, and was pleased to see the financial aid award for my daughter's sophomore year.</p>

<p>thanks, scout, for the great info.</p>

<p>Does anyone know the deadlines for sending in 2006 tax returns, W2s, the 2007 IDOC stuff, and FAFSA? Is the Profile all you need by the application deadline (JAN 15)?</p>

<p>username, for EDII, your stuff is due today. but for regular decision, i think its feb 15. check the website to be sure.</p>

<p>I can turn the FAFSA in next week though, right?</p>

<p>are you applying early or regular?</p>


<p>does there need to be a cover letter or anything for the tax returns and W2s? !!!!????!?!?!?!?</p>

<p>i am pretty sure that the css profile has to be filed by today. and sorry, i dont know about the cover sheet.</p>

<p>heres a link:
Carleton</a> College: Admissions: Admissions Calendar and Deadlines</p>

**: Applicants requesting consideration for financial aid must also complete and file the FAFSA as soon as their parents have completed their Federal income tax returns.


<p>so yeah, i guess that means you can wait until next week.</p>

<p>good luck on your application! i hope we both get in.</p>

<p>What if I won't have the 2007 tax stuff done by then? Should I just fill it out using the 2006 information? Can you do that?!?!?!</p>

<p>yeah i think you can, as long as not much has changed. i don't know for sure though.</p>

<p>Most of the need-based packages from excellent institutions give a minimum of their in aid in loans. For one thing, Federal Loans are capped, so most elite schools do not give loans above the cap as part of their package. For frosh, I think it is under 2K. The rest is usually in work-study (also a minimal amt., how much can a kid work) and grants.</p>

<p>I can't speak for Carleton in particular, but this was true across the board at the very selective institutions both kids were accepted into. The safeties generally have a smaller endowment and worse need based FA. YMMV.</p>

<p>what if i don't get my profile filed by tonight? my mom said she would be ready but now she isn't. can i still apply early?</p>

<p>please let me know!</p>

<p>When is the FAFSA deadline?</p>

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<p>all you need to know.</p>