Fin Aid Letter - When do we get it?

<p>Our D's acceptance letters are slowly coming in. Our EFC is pretty high - $20K+, so we aren't really expecting any need based aid, but we are interested in loans (unsubsidized Stafford) and a work-study program. The letters we're received so far mention merit scholarships, but nothing else. The schools we're hearing from are all OOS or private, so even with our high EFC they're still all more per year than our EFC. </p>

<p>Can anyone tell me when we disucss the possibility of loans, work-study or other possibilities with the universities? I keep hearing about "FinAid packages," but we haven't received anything along those lines from the schools. Do we get into financial aid and loans, work study, etc, before we send in the official acceptance? </p>

<p>On a similar topic, is work-study also considered "need-based," or is it open to all? </p>


<p>Federal work study is need based.</p>

<p>Several schools that we have heard from said that FA packages would follow within a week of acceptance. On the other hand, from our EA acceptance we have not received anything yet. They said that it should be available first week of April. Acceptance is one thing, being able to afford is another, instead of having 4 weeks to visit and make final decisions, we may only have 2 or 3.</p>