Fin. Aid

<p>Can anybody share their experiences with the amount of aid given by UMBC? I'm overlooking UMD for now because UMBC seems like a much more affordable option at the moment. (Also have heard that UMBC's CS program is on par or better than the CS program at UMD?) From what I've heard from others, the class sizes at UMBC are generally smaller and that's fairly appealing to me.</p>

<p>My current dilemma is figuring out how to cut down costs of actually going to college, and my current school counselor hasn't been that helpful as of late. I'd like to try to live on campus for maybe a year, but commuting looks to be the more affordable option.</p>

<p>I plan to fill out the FAFSA very soon and maybe apply for some scholarships online because I can't find any locally sponsored scholarships but I'm pretty skeptical about most of the online scholarships.</p>

<p>If anyone can offer further advice for a first generation student, I'd be really grateful.</p>

<p>I'd like to avoid taking out loans, but I may consider it if there isn't any other option.</p>

<p>I received the dean’s scholar award for 3k/yr</p>

<p>Anyone know the avg. amount of aid I can expect on top of pell grant? (family income is fairly low…) </p>