Fin Aid

<p>They gave me a great package with only 5500 in loans and going over our EFC by 7000!</p>

<p>When did you receive your aid package?</p>

<p>Friday 10char</p>

<p>what are your stats? also , are you in state?</p>

<p>In state, 32 ACT 3.7 GPA</p>

<p>My son's package came in very close to our EFC. He had similar stats (32 ACT, higher GPA 4.0+). Maybe his package wasn't as good as OP's because we have 2 in school (so our EFC is divided by 2 students). Stafford loans, grants, scholarships (GPA requirement to maintain). He really likes IWU and is just finishing his freshman year.</p>


<p>you were over the 75 pct-ile of teh mid 50 pct of the ACT spread. Is going over your EFC by <em>only</em> 7k , considered good aid? What's your efc? I am new to this. Y'all got good admission numbers, and could have gone to other schools. So IWU must have been impressive.</p>

<p>oops, i see the bart might be still thinking 'bout it. what are the other colleges in your q, bart, or are you decided on IWU?</p>

<p>Illinois</a> Wesleyan University Admissions Information - CollegeData College Profile</p>