finacial aid help please! (need clarification)

<p>hey everyone!</p>

<p>on my financial aid i noticed it says i received a "Berkeley Undergraduate Scholarship." i have a few questions...
1. is this renewable?
2. i noticed high school students must have a 4.1 to be eligible for this scholarship. i didn't find this out until right now so do you need to maintain a 4.1 to remain eligible? or just when you reply? i dont really know what my gpa is right now. i didnt think i had a 4.1 to begin with because my junior year i received a C and B in ap physics (rest straight As with 2 other AP classes and 1 college course as well as 2 college courses over the summer). this year i took 4 college courses, received 1 B and the rest As. but also 3 B's from my 6 classes from high school (3 AP). :/</p>

<p>please help??</p>

<p>also, is Federal Academic Competitive Grant renewable??</p>

<p>THANKS much appreciated!!</p>

<p>oops corrections.... this year 4 college courses over 2 semester. took 4 high school courses (same 4 courses all year) with 3 ap. i received a B in 1 college course, a B in 1 AP class one semester and 2 Bs in 2 AP classes 2nd semester. hope thats not too confusing</p>

<p>OH ALSO! if i report scholarships, will my financial aid package go down??</p>

<p>so i'm not sure about the GPA stuff, but i'm an ingoing freshman who reported scholarships. basically if you have unmet need, the $ goes to that first. then, it goes to decreasing your loans, then decreasing work-study</p>

<p>soooo don't worry about losing the "free money" from berkeley and cal grants and stuff, that only happens if you have ALL your need covered</p>

<p>So if your parents have an EFC of say $1400 and you received a scholarship of $1500, it would go toward that first?</p>