finacial aid vs chance?

<p>if i apply to ivies( harvard,princeton), MIT, stanford with international FA ( need based), is it decrease my chance to get in</p>

<p>Not at MIT. Here's what it says on the MIT website:</p>

<p>"Financial Aid for International Students</p>

<p>International students are eligible for financial aid. As with US citizens and permanent residents, we consider every student for admission without regard to his or her financial need. In other words, applying for financial aid will not hurt your chances of admission. We admit the students best matched for MIT, regardless of their financial situation.</p>

<p>What's more, MIT is committed to providing all admitted students, including international students, with a financial aid package that fully meets their demonstrated need. Greater than 80% of MIT international students receive financial aid in the form of grant/scholarship (the average grant for international students is over $30,000 per year), totaling more than $8 million annually disbursed to international students.</p>

<p>Much more information is available through the Financial Aid Office."</p>

<p>Even if it did, it makes no difference. If you need financial aid, apply for it. What good is it to get in and be unable to afford it?</p>