finaid award payment status says paid

<p>On the financial aid website, there's a place that reads "Award Payment Status." There are two columns that say "Accepted" and "paid" and another column that lists the award. Mine shows that the federal pell grant and the academic competitiveness grant as being "paid." What does that mean? I'm looking at my CARS bill, and it doesn't show that anything has been paid. All the other grants show monetary values on the "accepted" column and zero values on the "paid" column. Does the "paid" column refer to financial aid paying the CARS bill or the grants being paid to financial aid?</p>

<p>yeah i was a bit confused by that as well. I'm assuming it hasn't gone to CARS yet. You did check your Quick Statement and not the E-Bill right? (My QS hasn't changed anyways.) E-Bill only updates once a month.</p>

<p>I was looking into this earlier today. I don't know why it says "paid" but I read something on the FinAid site that said it won't show up in CARS until August 10th. Check your quick statement/ebill on or after August 10th to see if it changes.</p>

<p>batman, where do i check for the "quick statement"? also, did any of u guys get ur SHIP fees covered yet? they told me they would give me $1522 more in grants to cover it, but i don't see it yet</p>

<p>I'm in the same situation. My quick statement hasn't been updated since like June so the only place that is saying that my financial aid has been paid is the "award payment status" page.</p>

<p>Edit: I was on TeleBears today, and it still doesn't think my financial aid has been paid by the way.</p>

<p>I'm not too sure, but I don't think there's a separate grant to cover ship (at least I've never seen one). It's just all a part of the FA, including loans. Quick Statement is under Bearfacts->CARS. That is usually updated daily and is accurate as to what you have to pay that month. </p>

<p>Thanks for the info though jb. Will keep an eye out on the 10th. :)</p>

<p>I talked to FinAid and it should show up on August 10th. But if you have questions regarding whether FinAid has received the payment, you can send an e-mail to cts@berkeley and include your SID.</p>

<p>i noticed one thing..</p>

<p>in the telebears my current registration fee went from</p>

<p>~6000 dollars yesterday to 50 something dollars today</p>

<p>I was wondering if they paid already?</p>

<p>I am wondering whats going on</p>

<p>I dont see anything on e-bill though</p>

<p>so confused about the fin aid stuff.,..</p>

<p>yes, financial aid paid to your CARS account which means that there's still $50 that hasn't been paid.'
E-bill only updates once a month so don't refer to that.</p>

<p>On another note, anyone else not get their Cal grant yet? I got my pell grant and loan but my 2 Cal grants still hasn't been sent yet. Just double checking that it's not just me.</p>

<p>thanks aeboi
but i have one more question</p>

<p>in telebear it says i might still owe other fee than class registration fee
i will be living in dorm so part of cars bill show that fee
have finaid cover that yet?</p>

<p>how would i know these things, and more importantly
how do i know how much to pay now ;;

<p>go under registration tab and then registration fee summary tab and look at the Balance, that's what you still owe.</p>

<p>you can also go under the CARS tab and then the CARS quick statement tab, it should show the same balance </p>

<p>everything that you must pay for that month will show up under those two
if there is a balance, pay it, unless financial aid covers it</p>

<p>hi one last question aeboi</p>

<p>first, thanks for the previous answers helped me alot!!</p>

<p>i looked at the quick statements and looked at the new balance</p>

<p>which is about 1400 for me</p>

<p>anyways.. I am really wondering.. what paid for that registration fee?</p>

<p>is there any way to know that? i think that was about 6000 dollars..</p>

<p>wait.. i think i see it under myfinaid under away payment status...</p>

<p>which was pell grant, scholarship and loans..</p>

<p>then i guess my question is</p>

<p>when is that Berkeley Undergraduate Scholarship given to me? has anyone got this yet?</p>

<p>Yes, you can check what has paid from your financial aid package through the financial aid site. If you do get an undergraduate scholarship as part of your financial aid package, it should be listed in the types of aid area, where it shows loans, pell grant, etc...
It would be paid out on August 10th if you get one. </p>

<p>on a side note, does your cal grant show as being paid or no?</p>

<p>i only see pell grant as part of my aid ....
what happened to my cal grant?</p>

<p>its weird because when i log onto webgrants.. i see my school attandance as UCLA not berkeley and i have no idea how to change it...</p>

<p>O wow, you should have changed that a while ago, they go with the first school that you had listed in your FAFSA as default, they don't know that you're going to Berkeley if you don't tell them, so go into webgrants and change the school of attendance by clicking the School Change and LOA link at top once you get into your account. Do so promptly.</p>

<p>hey aeboi
a little help needed here haha</p>

<p>okay so i actually removed all the schools from my fafsa a while ago
and thought the cal grant would automatically detect it</p>

<p>and I tried to go to chool Change and LOA link and tried to change the school of attendance</p>

<p>except i just couldnt find a link or button that allows me to change school....
all i find is the simulator</p>

<p>little help here please on how to change school of attendance :)</p>

<p>here is the picture of what my screen looks like
<a href=""&gt;;/a>
i just blocked my name and personal info</p>

<p>not sure why it won't work for you</p>

<p>once you click 'School Change and LOA' link, it should show a page where you choose the school year (Search By Academic Year = 2010-2011) and click go, then you scroll down to change your school of attendance or declare a leave of absence</p>

<p>I guess there's problem in your case and you can't change it at the moment. Not sure what G6 certification is...</p>

<p>thanks aeboi... i really wished i could changed it online..

<p>anyways i hope im not too late make change and still get calgrant?...</p>

<p>dang this kinda sucks i cant really see why i cant change school of attendance online...</p>

<p>this is probably the problem, you need to fill out the G6 form</p>

<p>"This hold is specific to the Cal Grant and will not hold other aid disbursements. **The California Student Aid Commission (CSAC) has notified the Financial Aid Office that you are required to complete the Transfer Entitlement Cal Grant Certification Form and submit to CSAC. The G6 form was previously mailed to you from CSAC. **For more information on filling out this form or for questions on Cal Grant eligibility, contact CSAC at (888) 224-7268."</p>

<p>sigh.. cal grant is just giving me a headache</p>

<p>there was nothing mailed to my house, nor any form came to my house</p>

<p>but i had to fill out a </p>

<p>on-line Transfer Entitlement Certification</p>

<p>and believed that was the only thing i did...</p>

<p>and I even emailed them a month ago and got a reply recently telling me to check</p>

<p>at the end of july and nothing seemed to change</p>

<p>this is my first cal grant and i think its a mess...</p>

<p>i dont wanna wait until monday but i think i will have to call them then</p>

<p>anyways thanks so much aeboi that was a lot of help :)</p>