FinAid & Scholarships @ Univ. of Wyoming

What has been your experience with the finaid and scholarship at UWYO? Does the state school offer institutional need based grant for non residents? Which scholarship have you been awarded and how much was it? And how’s Laramie? Can a person leaving quite close to the equator on the eastern hemisphere fit in Wyoming? What problems did you face due to the location? Also why does everybody keep saying access to Laramie is prohibited most of the year? Any full tuition or full rides here? How conservative and racially inclusive is it? What’s your review about it’s business college?

Run the NPC on the school’s website to get an idea of what you’d get. What is your EFC?
What are your stats?

Asking what others received is silly since you don’t know what their stats or EFCs are.

It is quite easy. There is the Rocky Mtn Scholars program for OOS/International students. You take your stats and look at the chart and that’s what you get. Very few full rides, except for athletes, but overall it is inexpensive.

There are some department merit or talent scholarship (engineering, theater and dance, nursing). I think most are about $2000. If you study abroad, there are Chaney scholarships of $1-2k (everyone gets one).

The need based aid is harder to estimate. There are ‘alumni awards’ that are awarded by the FA office. Some are restricted by major (‘the John Doe award to a history major’) but some are just general. They are from $1000 to 2000.

They do allow most awards to stack.

Laramie is lovely in the summer and until about Nov 1. Then it is cold. Really cold. It doesn’t seem to bother most of the students and activities continue inside and outside. More than a handful of students ride bikes year round. Laramie is about 2 hours from the Denver airport, interstate highway all the way. Sometimes those highways are closed due to weather, but it is usually for one day or part of one day. My daughter just finished 4.5 years at Wyoming and was never snowed in or out. One thing about Wyoming is that it never closes. Boulder and CSU in Ft. Collins will close, but Wyoming never does. If you are in town, you go to class.

Wyoming is a conservative state, but that is mostly on fiscal issues. The school is mostly white, but there is some racial diversity to be found. The number of Hispanic and Native American students is growing. There are quite a few international students but the majority of students are from Wyoming, Colorado and Nebraska, and the populations in those states are pretty white

Daughter loved it.

@twoinanddone, I appreciate your sharing about Wyoming in quite depth. You mentioned that Wyoming never closes unlike its neighbors so does that mean it is open during vacations and so does the housing unlike other colleges where you need to move out of the dorm during vacations? Also if classes are open during vacation, do they cost extra?

I meant they have classes every scheduled day. If it snows, there is class. If it rains there is class. If I-80 is closed and you are locked out of town, they have class (and you make it up). My other daughter went to school in Florida and her school was closed for hurricanes, for electrical outages, for tropical storms, federal holidays…

They do have dorms that are open during breaks because there are quite a few international students. Yes, they charge you for those days and you might have to move into a different dorm for that period.