Final Chance for UC's, CSU's, and Privates!

<p>I'm a Senior that currently live in California and go to a fairly new public high school (~5-6 years old) with about 4000 students, 800 in my class. I plan on either doing pre-med and then doing pharmacy or going into engineering.</p>

<p>GPA UW: 3.8
GPA W: 4.4

-Cal Poly SLO
-Cal Poly Pomona
-U of Chicago
-U of the Pacific (5/6/7 year pharm program)</p>

-SAT I: 1980 (620 CR, 690 M, 670 W)
-ACT w/ Writing: 33 (8 essay) </p>

<p>SAT II:
-Math II: 760
-Chemistry: 690 (may retake in November)
-US History: 600</p>

<p>I'm on a block schedule at my school so every other day when I have early dismissal I'll be working at a tutoring center as well as volunteering at Kaiser Permanente. </p>

<p>-AP World History: 2 :/
-AP Calculus AB: 2
-AP Chemistry: 5
-AP Calculus BC: 3 (AB subscore: 4)
-AP US History: 3
-AP Eng. Language: 3
-AP Statistics
-AP Government/Politics (No AP Econ offered)
-AP Psychology</p>

-Varsity Tennis for 3 yrs, 4 next one with possibly 2 years as captain
-Key Club
-Volunteer hours: total count unsure</p>

<p>My ec's arent particularly good except for maybe tennis so I hope that doesn't hurt me too much next year in the admissions process.</p>

<p>If you guys have any universities in mind that you think would be good for me as well, I would very much appreciate it!</p>

<p>Thanks for everyone's input in advance!</p>

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<p>-UCB: low reach
-UCLA: low reach
-UCSD: low reach/high match
-UCI: low match/safety
-UCR: safety
-USC: low reach
-Cal Poly SLO: low match/safety
-Cal Poly Pomona: safety
-U of Chicago: mid/high reach
-U of the Pacific: don't know about their pharm.</p>

<p>Thanks! Would my chances at these schools change much if I applied to the school of Engineering?</p>

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<p>-UCB - low reach
-UCLA - low reach
-UCSD - high match
-UCI - high match
-UCR - low match
-USC - low reach
-Cal Poly SLO - match
-Cal Poly Pomona - match
-U of Chicago - reach
-U of the Pacific (5/6/7 year pharm program) - unsure about the program, sorry</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>ps Your chances would definitely decrease for engineering. UCB engineering is super competitive and Cal Poly engineering is more competitive than the rest of the school. Also, Chicago lacks an engineering school.</p>

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<p>low reach at high tier ucs, high match at UCSD, low match at mid tier, high match/low reach USC</p>

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<p>I'm not really an expert in colleges, but I would agree with the other two.
However, I'm just really curious: how did you do so well on the AP Chem Exam and MathII, but only got a 2 on Calc AB??</p>

<p>AP Chemistry came pretty naturally to me and it wasn't too hard with a litle bit of studying. I studied for Math II but I didn't do too good sophomore year but I passed the BC exam last year.</p>

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<p>Oh, I see...
Good to know you did better (didn't see the BC score before).
And I think you have a good chance at the UCs because you're a California resident. Therefore, I've changed my mind; I actually disagree with the other two and think that UCB and UCLA are good matches as long as you send your ACT or up your SAT (which I believe you can, seeing as how you got 760 on MathII). Of course, you can never be totally sure with schools that have acceptance rates as low as 20%, so of course have a back-up in mind. Good luck!</p>

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