Final Checklist: App Picture

<p>So, for the last time, who is going to send in a picture with their application? I'm not sure if I want to yet. Thanks.</p>

<p>ok it works this way:</p>

<p>if you are hot - send
if you are not hot - don't send</p>

<p>and if you don't whether whether you are hot or not, you might as well send it and have them judge.</p>

<p>I guess if I was in a commercial and have modeled for both Dell and SW airlines ads, I could be "hot". But I hardly think so. Ok I guess I'll send one in.</p>

<p>I sending a pic with my app. I think it could only help you unless you sen in a really werid pic of yourself</p>

<p>lol this makes me think it's a beauty pageant in the end. jk</p>