Final College List, Any Good Options We Are Missing?

Son has UW GPA of 4.0 in competitive public CA HS. 6AP/Honors classes, IB and AP class Sr. Year. No SAT due to COVID - hopeful for Nov. Capped weighted GPA 4.36.

Wants spirited school (football a plus) wants Greek as an option and parents want to keep under $40K for tuition and housing. Not too far from home. Ok ECs but mostly around Football/Baseball team and volunteering. Essays in progress but I would say good vs. outstanding. Would like to play football in college but since no Sr season until January, doesn’t look likely. Wants to study business but is good with Econ since not many UCs have true business, will pursue a MBA in the future.

On his list:
UCSB (no football is a bummer but campus is so nice he is willing to sacrifice :slight_smile:
ASU - accepted waiting for merit confirm and honors. Sister goes there.
UofA - accepted with $35K annual merit so almost full tuition covered. Waiting for honors. Mom made him apply here, we have yet to visit but will this fall.

I would love to throw another option in there that might be out of his comfort zone but not sure the best one… he would like UW but know, even if he gets merit, won’t be in our budget. Same with USC, USD, CU Boulder. Schools like LMU and Santa Clara he ruled out because of lack of sports.
Thanks for any input.

You should add Utah if he enjoys skiing and outdoor activities. They like 4.0 UW, if he can get 33-34 on the ACT then he should get a full tuition scholarship. There are competitive full rides as well. Lots of local football spirit as there’s no NFL team in Utah.

My D18 (4.0UW/35ACT) chose it over UCB/UCLA/Regents at UCSB, etc and loves it there. Utah tends to be overlooked by Californians but being a liberal atheist has not been a concern at all.

Alabama, Ole Miss, South Carolina (good for international business), Miami OH all have merit and football

Colorado State? Other Western schools such as Wyoming, Nebraska, Montana St?

Another couple of options for potential scholarships would be Baylor and TCU. Both are Big 12 schools with PLENTY of big sports and Greek life. SMU is another school. Their football isn’t as big as the others schools, but it should have what you’re looking for.

UCI and UCR are the other two UCs that offer business majors.

Economics majors vary across colleges/departments in terms of math intensity (multivariable calculus and/or linear algebra versus single variable calculus versus no calculus) and what upper level economics electives are offered. If these factors are important, a look through course catalogs may help.

MBA programs do not require any specific undergraduate major, but the most selective / prestigious ones favor students with good post-BA/BS work experience. Choosing undergraduate major with an eye toward employment prospects associated with the major can help.

thank you for your responses. I will look into all of the schools suggested!

Based on your suggestions, my son has applied to Bama and Utah. Both have good merit opportunities and Utah’s Business Scholars program looks great. Thanks again!