final date to submit online?? 11/1?

<p>is 11/1 the last day to submit the application online?? on commonapps website??? I just have to do my short answer it ok to submit it on 11/1??</p>

<p>I wondering 'bout that...ima try and shoot 4 tom morn tho bc im so and I am also hung up on the short answer...</p>

<p>btw - whats the woed limit for that section?</p>

<p>150 i think........</p>

<p>max is 400 online</p>

<p>so what's the date? nov 1? or not?</p>

<p>yea can I send it on Nov. 1?? like in the afternoon????
do I have to submit it anytime during November 1st??</p>