Final decision approaching-- need help (Kenyon vs. Willamette vs. Oberlin)

The deadline for decisions is approaching. My current options right now are Oberlin, Willamette and Kenyon. I’ve been to all of them, and the decision is very difficult. I think I want to major in some form of creative writing, but at the same time I realize that plans change and I want to keep my options open. With that in mind, I recognize that Oberlin would be the best choice in this scenario. At the same time, in my gut Willamette felt like the place where I would feel the most comfortable in terms of the community. I’m at a loss as to what I should do-- advice?

How about cost?

My daughter considered Willamette and Kenyon, and is heading to Kenyon. But if your gut is speaking clearly that Willamette is the best fit, don’t be afraid to trust it! We all very much liked Willamette as well.

Go with your gut – they are all wonderful schools.