Final Decisions???

We have committed to Rowan. Willbe attending the Honors orientation end of June. Just wondering what everyone else decided on? Just a few days left!

D has committed to Rowan also! Very excited!
Both the engineering & honors accepted students day clinched the deal. D was accepted to all the colleges she applied to, except for Yale (LOL), but was mainly focused on Rowan all along

Hi, My DS is looking for engineering as well but for next year. We went to open house and he really liked it. Just wondering if you can share any tips? merit money offered? if so, GPA? SAT? TIA


If you search under my name you should be able to find the chart of merit vs SAT/GPA that ~used to be~ posted on Rowan’s site. I intend to compile a “new” chart based on money that was given out this year, as it seems to have shifted, requiring higher stats for money. SAT score of 1250 was the bottom of the chart for any merit money, more money going to not just higher SAT but also volunteer activity and clubs/sports/band etc.

I have two kids at Rowan, both are now finishing their junior years, although one is going to graduate in 3 years and they have vastly different majors. Always happy to offer any info I have.

Look under the discussion Rowan engineering scholarships from this year. Lots of info there!

My kid finally decided to commit to another college.
We visited Rowan four times… We gave it a last try to let her walk around campus last week. We even stayed at Courtyard so that she could feel how it would be like to live in the upperclassmen’s area. She just did not feel the connection. (I think more because of the connection she has with the other college. When she went to the other college, she met some kids and managed to set up group chat with them)

However, during the process in the past few months, she managed to help her classmate to decide to commit to Rowan.

I have to say, I am impressed with the progress Rowan has made. Unfortunately, DD is not interested in engineering and I am not too sure how well the other majors would help her with her job placement.

As far as the scholarship is concerned, I think @NJRoadie 's chart is quite accurate (thanks @NJRoadie ).
DD was offered $16,000, therefore essentially it would be a full tuition. I have warned her that if she were to transfer back to Rowan, she would not have the scholarship.

Pretty much same as @annamom 's response - my D ended up committing to another college - mainly because she just didn’t “feel the connection”. She had great scholarship, honors college, a new major in Molecular and Cellular biology that she was invited to be in, but in the end she just didn’t see herself there.

The programs, academics and teachers we met really impressed me (and her) - but she’s happy with her decision, and that’s what matters to me :slight_smile:

My S committed to Rowan. He plans to major in BME and was selected to the Honor’s College and received a great scholarship. He had some great choices (e.g., Drexel, Rutgers, RPI, Stevens and Northeastern). I thought for sure he was heading to Boston; however, I must say that the Engineering staff at Rowan had the best admitted student day compared to any of the other schools he was admitted to. The “newness” of the Engineering facilities also made a difference along with the willingness of the faculty to engage my S with their curriculum. He shadowed some students and attended 2 classes…it felt right for him!

@jabbond Congrats on the decision.
I also tried to arrange the shadowing for DD. I spoke with the counselor before we visited, but DD was not able to find the counselor when she arrived and was told not to wait for him. I was disappointed, but to be fair, I didn’t plan too far ahead. She asked for the visit to take another look, at the end, it solidified her decision to commit to another college.

My S committed to Rowan’s Civil Engineering program as well. We are OOS and came back for a final visit in April. He received a great scholarship that put the tuition inline with our state flagship. The Dept. Head spent an hour with us and then we received a tour from 2 current CEE students. We were very impressed with the the new building, labs, curriculum and commitment to continuous improvement. 100% placement upon graduation and numerous internship opportunities also helped with the decision. The housing and expansion of the area is extremely impressive.

Only downside right now is that we are from New England and not alot of people are familiar with Rowan. However, we are expecting our S to branch out after graduation and not be returning to New England for work.

He is excited to get there!

D has committed, too. She really wanted a small LAC but besides having the lowest cost of attendance with the amazing scholarships, the facilities, honors program, and the commitment to undergraduate education can’t be beat.

They just added a minor in her specific field of interest and she got very good feedback on their music program. I think these were the clinchers.

I think she will be surprised at how cozy the feeling is with the Honors Program.

Also, Honors has an active and fun jazz band as well as a choir. Great way to meet kids, especially the valuable upperclassman who can give you the inside scoop on all things Rowan :slight_smile: