Final Exam Trouble

<p>Hello, I am asking a question about a college's weight on final exam scores once they receive final transcripts. According to one of my high school counselors, our school also shows final exam grades in the transcript. This worries me because I think I'm going to receive a D in my AP Calc final. :( This happened because I now have a job at our local amusement park as an entertainer and the week before and the week of finals they had me scheduled to work until late every night. So it was not exactly laziness, it was more just a really inconvenient time to have had finals. Every other final should be fine. Most likely A's and B's, possibly one other C. And this year I have been extremely involved in extracurriculars, work, and I've maintained A's and B's in all of my quarters, even in second semester. But this is really bugging me because I DO NOT want anything to happen to my admission status :. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.</p>

<p>I don't see this as much of a problem. It is not as if you bombed all of your courses and received straight failures for the last semester. Then that would be cause for concern about your acceptance. Lafayette will look at your final grades and not what you did on final exams. Besides, a poor grade on a final exam could be passed off as a "bad day".</p>

<p>What this situation might portend for the future is time management issues. Success at Lafayette is dependent upon successful time management, and you will find that the end of each semester will be very hectic and trying - much like you experienced during your finals week. Remember, your finals were scheduled long before your employer scheduled your work hours. They are not a mere "inconvenience", but something that must be planned for well in advance.</p>

<p>Best of luck to you.</p>

<p>Thanks! That was pretty reassuring. I just found out I got a C on my economics final but the final grade will be an A-! All of my final grades will be between B's, B+'s, A-'s, and A's. Which are similar to what they saw on my transcript when they accepted me so I shouldn't be worried then?</p>

<p>And I'm definitely going to buckle down in college :) I just needed high school to be over and the stress was just compounding between extracurriculars and work, things I won't have to worry about in college.</p>