Final Exams Care Packages

<p>My D is a Duke student and we received an ad in the mail to order a final exam care package from an organization named Circle K. Before I send off my check to this group I just wanted to make sure this was a legitimate service that the students enjoy getting. Thanks.</p>

<p>When I opened mine last year, i was incredibly disappointed my mom spent more than 5 dollars on it
all knockoff, crappy stuff, not worth more that 3 bucks</p>

<p>Thanks for the feedback. Too bad you were disappointed.</p>

<p>Probably better to just put together your own care pack, allows for more of a personal touch too.</p>

<p>That's a good idea. Postage costs have gotten high for sending things but I could give D a package when she comes home for Thanksgiving and put a "don't open until finals" note on it.</p>

<p>The USPS flat rate boxes are a great deal if you are sending anything substantial. I use bags of M&Ms and Trail Mix as packing materials to fill in empty spaces. No complaints so far!</p>