Final Exams: Intro Bio,Intro Chem, FWS

<p>Hi everyone!
I was curious about final exams. Is there a seperate exam for lab sections? For example, would i have a written exam for Chem and also a lab exam?
Also, are there finals for FWS or do you right a paper instead?</p>


<p>Chances are you will write something for FWS--could be in class or out of class, depending on instructor. Not sure about science exams, but my assumption would be yes.</p>

<p>I am not sure about which bio you are taking, and three of the intro courses are new this semester, but chances are if lab and lecture are separate courses when you sign up, then you will have an exam for each. Chemistry (at least 2070 and 2080) includes the lab with the lecture, and the lab stuff is not specifically tested on the finals. The lab is supposed to supplement your learning from lecture, but only the lecture and maybe book's specific material will be tested. </p>

<p>I haven't heard of an exam in FWS, just final papers.</p>

<p>thanks indigo and red!</p>

<p>As far as I know...there is no formal final exam for intro chem lab. Your grades on experiments/lab reports will be factored in to your final grade. </p>

<p>For separate lab courses like orgo and microbio, there is a practical and written exam component. When I took microbio, there were 2 practical exams and 3 written. In orgo there was 1 (crazy long) written exam and 2 practical exams.</p>