Final Exams

<p>When planning out my schedule, I have two final exams scheduled 30 minutes apart. I read on the official Berkeley website that you should not have two finals on the same day and that teachers may grant extensions on the final if this is the case. So would you say that it's actually a common practice for teachers to allow you to take their finals on non-scheduled dates?</p>

<p>It depends. Two finals on the same day is nothing unusual and I doubt that you will get an extension for that reason. I know people who had 3 finals a day and didn't get any extension. If you're in a 30-people class and nobody else needs a makeup final, the professor certainly won't organize one just because you have two finals on the same day.</p>

<p>That being said, depending on how large your class is, there might be several people in your class needing an alternate final date/time because of schedule conflicts (2 finals at the same time). If that happens, the professor/GSI needs to organize a makeup final anyway and you might be able to take that final instead.</p>

<p>I have a CS final directly before a Scandinavian final, so I'm not looking forward to that.</p>

<p>I would hope that they can grant us a little room to take it at least a different time of day (Although I wouldn't want to make them have to create a separate final).</p>

<p>I'm hoping that there will be alternate options to having a two 3 hour finals back to back.</p>

<p>Is this Scandinavian R5A/R5B? R&C courses have no finals..</p>

<p>Oh sweet! They said that to me about R&C over the summer I didn't realize that they wouldn't have it during the year. I guess they just have to have a final exam group number for the sake of having one then.</p>

<p>The most likely have a more extensive paper due during the last week of class then.</p>

<p>That is really good news, I'm great with papers when I have time to revise them and work on them, but in class essays I really need to study for.</p>

<p>There's only 4 days of finals... if you're taking 4-5 classes... do the math... everyone will probably have at least one day with 2 finals/day....</p>

<p>^I did the math and I might have failed (last time I touched a math problem was 4 weeks ago) but it appears that if you have 4 classes, then the chance of having one final each day is 1/35. (assuming that each final has the same chance of being on each day)</p>

<p>I got .264 probability of having one final each day.</p>

<p>We have 5 days, each with 4 possible slots. We have to place 4 finals in here.</p>

<p>The first final can go anywhere.</p>

<p>The second final can go in one of 19 slots, but if it goes in one of the three slots in the same day as the first final, there will be 2 on the same day. So the chance of getting one not on the same day as the first is 16/19.</p>

<p>Given that the first and second are on different days, there are 18 slots remaining, 12 of which are on the 3 remaining exam-free days. Hence 12/18 is the next value.</p>

<p>The same argument for the fourth exam yields a value of 8/17</p>

<p>Thus the resultant probability is 16/19<em>12/18</em>8/17 which approximately equals 26.4%</p>

<p>^ Simply brilliant. Another reason to love Cal as we're solving how to avoid 2 exams in one day LMAO.</p>

<p>^Starry said there were 4 days and not 5. I don't know which one is correct but I based my calculations off that. </p>

<p>I also didn't know there were 4 slots per day, so I did my calculation assuming that there are as many slots as needed. But 26% seems right</p>