Final GPA

<p>Hey all, I finally know my final stats that will be evaluated for admissions. I'd appreciate some ppl chancing me!
GPA: 3.7
Major: Psychology
Applied to: Cal, UCLA, UCSD (tag)
IGETC complete
Pre reqs complete
Personal statements : atleast 8.5/10
CCC student
First generation
Good ECs.</p>

<p>In at UCSD.</p>

<p>You think I have a shot at cal or LA?</p>

<p>Lol @briceies, obviously SBaz45 is in at UCSD since he/she has a TAG to it.</p>

<p>As for the other two SBaz45, you look good to go in my opinion!</p>

<p>I have about the same exact stats. as you. I am applying to UCLA psych as well. And to be honest, it's very competitive. But, we have a good shot at either Berkeley and LA. I hope we get in. Keep in touch. :]</p>

<p>Ditto. The only difference is that I don't have my pre-reqs and IGETC completed yet.</p>

<p>@PsychBruin yeah and I also recall we are both pre med. I'm just nervous, hopefully I get into atleast la or cal.</p>