Final NACUBO endowment rankings: July 1, 2011

<li>Harvard University: $31,728,080,000</li>
<li>Yale University: $19,374,000,000</li>
<li>Princeton University: $17,109,508,000</li>
<li>Stanford University: $16,502,606,000</li>
<li>Massachusetts Institute of Technology: $9,712,628,000</li>
<li>University of Michigan-Ann Arbor: $7,834,752,000</li>
<li>Columbia University: $7,789,578,000</li>
<li>University of Texas-Austin: $7,647,205,000</li>
<li>Northwestern University: $7,182,745,000</li>
<li>University of Pennsylvania: $6,582,029,000</li>
<li>University of Chicago: $6,575,126,000</li>
<li>University of Notre Dame: $6,259,598,000</li>
<li>Texas A&M University-College station: $5,975,604,000</li>
<li>Duke University: $5,747,377,000</li>
<li>Emory University: $5,400,367,000</li>
<li>Washington University-St Louis: $5,280,143,000</li>
<li>Cornell University: $5,059,406,000</li>
<li>University of Virginia: $4,760,515,000</li>
<li>Rice University: $4,451,452,000</li>
<li>University of Southern California: $3,517,173,000</li>
<li>Vanderbilt Universit: $3,414,514,000</li>
<li>Dartmouth College: $3,413,406,000</li>
<li>University of California-Berkeley: $3,153,664,000</li>
<li>New York University: $2,827,000,000</li>
<li>Johns Hopkins University: $2,598,467,000</li>

<p>Final NACUBO endowment rankings per capita ($ per student)</p>

<p>Using Alexandre's data and courtesy of PtonGrad2000's post a couple of months back with a few additions and edits...</p>

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<p>Institution -- Endowment Size--Endowment $'s Per Student</p>

<p>Princeton-------$17.1 billion-------$2,259,812.00</p>


<p>Yale------------$19.4 billion-------$1,673,424.00
Harvard---------$32.0 billion-------$1,507,656.00</p>


<p>Stanford--------$16.5 billion-------$1,077,094.00
MIT------------$9.90 billion----------$953,390.00</p>


<p>Caltech--------$1.77 billion----------$794,263.00
Rice-----------$4.45 billion----------$731,906.00
U. of Chicago--$6.31 billion----------$612,384.00
Dartmouth-----$3.41 billion----------$569,567.00
Notre Dame----$6.26 billion----------$533,504.00</p>


<p>Duke----------$5.75 billion----------$389,758.00
Emory---------$5.40 billion----------$388,683.00
Wash U.-------$5.28 billion----------$377,288.00
Northwestern--$7.18 billion----------$374,413.00
Penn----------$6.58 billion----------$310,429.00
Brown---------$2.50 billion----------$289,051.00
Columbia------$7.79 billion----------$282,170.00
Cornell--------$5.06 billion----------$241,626.00
UVA-----------$4.76 billion----------$231,610.00
U. of Mich.----$7.83 billion----------$187,167.00</p>

<p>Well folks, these are the 20 wealthiest universities in the country. Anyone else surprised about how rich Rice and Notre Dame are? :D</p>

<p>These are all rough approximations though as many of these schools have external sources of money to boost their already impressive endowment totals (Duke has The Duke Endowment, Cornell's land grant school receive NY state funding, UVA gets additional revenue from the state of Virginia, etc. etc.).</p>

<p>Only 75 American universities and college systems have endowments over $1 Billion so the wealth is truly concentrated in a few select schools.</p>

<p>Not surprised at Rice's high per capita rankings. It was well into the 70s (maybe 80s) before Rice began charging tuition. Even today, Rice's tuition is somewhat lower than its peers, under $35K annually (tuition only).</p>