Final Old-SAT Question

<p>OK, I'm a junior this year, and I took the SAT in October and got a 1410 (690V, 720M) and I really think I can do better. I registered for the December SAT (just barely made the late registration deadline), and hopefully I'll get a good enough score that time that I won't need to take the SAT again. My question is, can I register for the January SAT I now (the last one before it changes, I think), and if I get a good enough score in December, just ask on the test day to take 3 subject tests instead? I know I need to take writing if I want to submit the old SAT in place of the new one to colleges that will accept it for us Juniors, and that is gone along with the old SAT in March, so I've got to take it in January or never.</p>

<p>Sorry if that sounded jumbled, I suck at writing, lol.</p>

<p>You can't switch from SAT I to SAT II tests on test day as far as I know. Call the Collegeboard to find out exactly what you can do.</p>

<p>hey there--</p>

<p>you can but u need to pay a 19$ fee. and i think there is a chance that they might not have a test for you but i know you have priority over the stand-by people. i think it's safe to change before but i agree call collegeboard to check.</p>

<p>good luck!! :)</p>