Final page on ACS E-sign isn't showing. I can't sign my Perkins MPN.

<p>Hi everyone! I am trying to sign the MPN for the Perkins Loan. I already did the Entrance Interview. However, whenever I try to go to the final page of the process of signing the MPN online, where I'm supposed to type in my FAFSA PIN, an error occurs and I can't even open that webpage!</p>

<p>Can anyone explain to me why this might be happening?</p>

<p>Since you didn't include what the error was or what browser you are using, it's hard to help.</p>

<p><a href=""&gt;;/a>
Note for Microsoft Internet Explorer users: If you encounter an error while trying to view your MPN, you will need to adjust a security setting in your browser. Please do the following:</p>

<p>Is this your first Perkins MPN? It is possible that the first one needs to have a "real" signature ... signed in ink, mailed not faxed. Call the school to ask.</p>

<p>capenn15: Thank you for pointing that out...I will recheck my internet capabilities. I might go to a different location and use a different internet connection; maybe that will work.</p>

<p>kelsmom: It is my first Perkins MPN. I will contact my university if things keep on failing. Thank you for your advice!</p>