FINAL STATS!!! chances @ DUKE???

<p>What do you think my chances are at Duke (Trinity) for early decision. Thank you so much for your time!</p>

<p>NC resident
1350 SAT (720M,610V)
28 ACT
1 0f 260 class rank
4.79 GPA (4.0 unweighted)</p>

<p>Varsity Basketball 10,11,12 Captain (12), Starter (11,12)
Cross Country 9,10,11,12 Captain (11,12) All-conference(11
Odyssey of the Mind Official 9,10,11,12 Headed scoring volunteers
National Honor Society 10,11,12 Vice-president
Students Against Drunk Driving 9,10,11,12 Vice-president, Adopt-a-highway
Latin Club 9,10,11,12 Latin Leadership Council</p>

<p>Alamance Consulting Engineers 11,12 employee
Boys' State Board of Elections, House of Reps.
Loaves and Fishes volunteer 9,10,11</p>

<p>Most of my time has been dedicated to athletics and academics; subsequently, I have a fair amount of awards from each for that section of the application.</p>

<p>What do you think my chances are? Thank you very much for your time, and I truly appreciate your help!</p>

<p>Oh yeah, AP results... Chemistry 4
Statistics 4
US Hist. 5</p>

<p>I pretty sure you'll get in, especially ED. Good luck!</p>

<p>Early decision will help, but you never know. You may be rejected because... umm last time i checked 720+610=1330. =) perfect grades/class rank will help, but stand out. I am also applying early to duke, but to pratt. check our my prstats <a href="http://www.*************2009/display.php?user=bsbllallstr8%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://www.*************2009/display.php?user=bsbllallstr8&lt;/a> GOOD LUCK with your app!</p>

<p>crap ... hope it works this time <a href="http://www.*************2009/display.php?user=bsbllallstr8%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://www.*************2009/display.php?user=bsbllallstr8&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>well my user name is bsbllallstr8, try searching for me =) dunno why the link wont work!</p>

<p>Uhhh...oops!!! Thanks for catching that. Let me correct myself...</p>

<p>1350 SAT (740M,610V)</p>

<p>Thanks again for everyone's comments. Anyone else???</p>


<p>please leave your opinion</p>

<p>It will probably depend on where in NC you live. If you live in a rural town, then you have a good shot, but if you live near Charlotte or Raleigh, it might not be so easy. How well has your school or surrounding area done with getting kids into Duke?</p>

<p>I do not know of anyone from my school that has ever gone to Duke. A few have gone to Notre Dame, while most of the top students have gone to UNC, Davidson, etc. However, a few students in the past few years have attended Duke from my area. (I live in Alamance County for those familiar with NC) Thanks again for everything.</p>

<p>I think you have a fairly good shot at Duke, esp with ED. Just wondering, I thought Duke requires you to take the SAT 2s. Have you taken them yet? If not I would think that perhaps you should apply RD, esp. since taking the SAT 2s is a pre-requisite, and high SAT2 scores might help make up for your SAT1 score. Otherwise, you've got pretty fine ECs, GPA and rank. Looks good to me! :)</p>

<p>ummm ... SAT II's are only required if you take the SAT I. if you take the ACT then they are not. Believe me, i looked into it. im applying early to duke also =)</p>

<p>Erm, well, her SAT score is higher than the ACT equivalent.
I don't think she wants to send that 28 ACT. That's in their bottom 25%.
I think she needs the II's. </p>

<p>Have you taken any, babe? Those could help!</p>


<p>ETA: Predicting Duke shots is a bit scary.</p>

<p>Every year, they reject amazingly brilliant, involved kids with 1500+ scores and crazy everything else. It's so competitive. I think I have a 99% shot at getting deferred at that school. It's crazy.</p>

<p>I really have no plans of taking SAT IIs but my ACT score should come up some. I am waiting for my results now for my second testing. Thanks again to everyone. Anybody/anything else???</p>

Give that ACT the smackdown!</p>

<p>Oh, whoa. I'm crazy.</p>

<p>right now you have a pretty good shot, considering your SAT scores and your well-rounded extra-curricular activities. I would try to raise the SAT score to increase your chances; try to get at least in the mid 1400's. Even without it, you have a solid chance, but you can improve your chances.
Please reply to my thread if you can...Duke, Cornell, NYu Stern chances under the name Kingz. thnks</p>

<p>Thanks a lot to everyone once again. Anyone/anything else???</p>

<p>Good shot at Duke...</p>

<p>The university is required to save so many places for NC residents. It is easier to get in to Duke as a state resident than an out-of-stater. Couple that with an ED application and good stats, and your chances look pretty good.</p>