Final transcript item disappeared from duke portal checklist? (ED, C/O 2025)

Hi all,

I check my Duke portal all the time, and I realized that suddenly the spot for my final transcript just disappeared from the checklist?

I know for SURE that it disappeared because there used to be a big red “X” where it my final transcript was missing (since the school year isn’t over yet) while the other boxes have green checks, so it’s really obvious that that item disappeared.

Has this happened to anyone else? Is this an issue I need to contact them about? Is this a sign I’m being rejected?

I’m stressed to say the least and might be overthinking it.

I would love any help! Thanks!

Hi! I applied ED as well and saw my final transcript (that previously had the X) disappear from my checklist. I’ve heard that this has happened to many students, so I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

Hey, my final transcript disappeared too, but I still have a red X for the midyear report. I was wondering if anyone else’s checklist had the midyear report missing (my first semester has yet to end). Thank you!