Finalizing my college list

<p>I'm trying to finalize my college list before school starts so I can focus on essays and applications when it does. This is what I have so far:</p>

Uni of South Carolina
Boston U
Uni of Southern California
Joint program btwn College of William and Mary and St. Andrews
Uni of Toronto
George Washington
Eastern U

<p>I'm planning on majoring in International Relations/Political Science with a minor/double major/concentration in Foreign Language or International Studies. I want to go into foreign service and potentially work in the UN. My dad wants me to consider majoring or double majoring in International Business so I won't have to depend on a government for a job. I'm interested in business but some of the schools I'm looking at don't even offer a business major. I'm looking for schools to cut from the list or schools that I should consider. I'm pretty set on applying to Furman, Columbia, American, Georgetown and USCarolina (in-state tuition and scholarships). Here's a little about me:</p>

<p>I'm a female URM.
SAT: 2030 ACT: 33
APs: US History - 5, Euro - 5, Bio - 4 (I'm taking AP Calc AB/BC, AP Lit and Lang this year)
I'm the VP of Student Ambassadors, and VP of Finance of FBLA which I've been involved in since 10 grade. I'm also in Model UN, Walk 4 Water and run Track. I'm an A student except for math and the occasional B in English. Oh, and I need considerable financial aid. Like, major financial aid.</p>

<p>I've heard Occidental has the opportunity to intern at the UN so I'm also looking into that. I'm really scared of making the mistake I made when applying to prep schools, which was not enough research into a broad spectrum of schools and applying to only the top schools.Any suggestions or advice?
Thanks in advance,</p>


<p>No suggestions?</p>

<p>For what you are looking to do (Poli Sci/ Int Relations), many top schools will get you very well positioned in your career. Check out Princeton, Harvard, Dartmouth, and Brown all of which will do a great job in getting you into the field. The Ivies tend to do very well. It might be interesting to check out UVA as more of a match as well.</p>

<p>I would suggest getting rid of Furman and adding Johns Hopkins.</p>