Finally a transfer section, ok i'll get it started.

<p>I need to know where to send my transcripts to the schools if im a transfer. Can i just send them to the office of admissions? Also what exactly is on my transcript if im only a freshman this fall? I dont think theres any grades on it yet so its basicaly just a copy of my schedule.</p>

<p>Application literature should supply an address to which you should submit all materials. It's a sure bet that you send the transcript to the same office which collects applications. </p>

<p>As far as your transcript at this point, there's nothing on it, not even a schedule of your classes. Transcripts are seldom updated at any point other than at the end of each semester or quarter.</p>

<p>so whats the point in sending them? What do they want them for?</p>

<p>You're joking, right? You <i>are</i> aware that you don't submit your transcript until your Autumn semester grades have been recorded. You don't send a blank transcript.</p>

<p>Im trying to transfer for the spring 2005 semester, so i cant submit my transcript until the end of the fall semseter because by then its too late. Im going to e-mail the school and see if they only want my HS transcript.</p>

<p>usually, schools will require your highschool transcript if you don't have enough credits from your school. So in your case, you'd prolly have to send a HS record to the school. Oh and, this is from past experience, calling the school is more effective than emailing. Quicker response, and it's more personal. But thats my opinion.</p>

<p>Check with the school about sending your transcript w/out grades. I'm applying for fall of 2005 and Michigan wanted my college transcript now anyways (no grades yet, just official reporting of classes), and then for me to send an updated one once my grades were in.</p>