finally! I can put up my own chances thread

<p>A quick overview:
GPA: 3.5 uw; 4.25 w (7 pt scale and not so good fr. yr)
Rank: 90th percentile 46/458
SAT: 680 M; 500 V (i wasnt feeling well, i dont know if that means anything)
760 M; 560 V
800 M; 660 V
All honors/AP(Eng Lang, US Hist, Stats, Bio, Chem) classes except for electives </p>

<p>EC overview:
- 3 yrs - Youth in Government (officer)
- 3 yrs - Teenage Republicans (president)
- Founder and President of Debate
- Research "training" with prof. through HCOP program
- 700+ hrs of volunteer and a few months of work at subway
- 3 yrs - few other things like Junior Civs, Student gov't, etc</p>

<p>I only need one more year of English to early graduate, so I am taking it at my local comm. college over the summer.</p>

<p>Chances at Duke (engineering), Case Western (engineering), Vanderbilt (engineering), Michigan (engineering), UNC, Wake Forest</p>

<p>Thanks for all your imput</p>

<p>Duke - maybe
Case Western - very very good
Vanderbilt - good
Michigan - very good
UNC - very good
Wake Forest - in</p>

<p>check out the duke early decision roster located in the duke university formum.</p>