Finanancial Aid Maximum?

<p>I've always wondeered how much is the maximum financial aid will give a person in their lifetime? There has to be a limit right? I know that for a state aid there is a limt amount of credit hours they will pay for and once you pass that you are no longer offered help from them. </p>

<p>I considering entering an institute that charges around 31,000 dollars for a 15-month program. How much aid is it possible to receive? Since I'm not giving specifics. I just want to know what is the most that could be offered.</p>

<p>The financial aid dept at the school would be better equipped to tell you what programs they qualify for ( Pell- subsidized Stafford) and which programs they sponsor ( Perkins- or private scholarships)</p>

<p>so is this a degree granting institution?</p>

<p>It is a certificate institue for short medical careers. The thing is I hate asking them so I was wondering if someone could provide me with information here. Those people from various institutes I've visted are very pushy and practically want to register you before they provide concrete information such as of the financial aid kind. I just need a rough estimate.</p>

<p>Would NOT consider even applying to a school that won't give you full & complete info before you decide which schools to apply to. If you're having trouble NOW getting info, think how much trouble they'll give you when you try to get answers after they have your money & are not on their "best behavior (which they are supposed to be on now to "court" you to apply & enroll in their program). Very bad sign when you can't get good info IN WRITING.
Some schools are "diploma mills," unfortunately & their degrees are not given much respect by employers. Get good info BEFORE you make any choices or part with any $$$.</p>

<p>HImom is soo smart! Oh my gosh, you are almost as smart as "smartie sybbie!" Dude. </p>

<p>Quartermoon, before you specified what the school was, I gathered from the price that you were talking about like a Brain Surgeon's clinic or something. My gosh. If a school is not totally on the up and up, then they BS around giving direct info. You know, just like how HImom said. </p>

<p>What is the course of study, quartermoon? Share that, please. A lot of medical type of certifications have good networks and you also might be able to do it at a Community College. </p>

<p>There are totally limits with the student loans. Like, for us adults, it is 46k at the undergrad level and we can always make our own cut off point and just pay out of pocket and go part time. The grants are a smidgen of a different story, because some might be state based and others might be totally pell grants. </p>

<p>I bet, that one could find a better deal, quartermoon. I really do. Like, I used to be a nurse's aid only for the elderly and I only ever kept my certifications current through Community College. Know what I am saying!</p>