Financail Engineering

<p>Hey everyone. I am a current undergraduate student at UMich Ann Arbor who is double majoring in mathematics of finance and economics, class of 2013, and i am very interested in eventually obtaining a masters degree in financial engineering.</p>

<p>What sort of internships would top financial engineering programs look at as quality experience for students applying for admission? Would s&t be high on that list?</p>

<p>What are internships that aspiring financial engineers usually pursue?</p>

<p>From what I understand, you seem to have a good background for financial engineering (with the only thing really missing being computer science, which if you took any CS classes then you should be fine with that).</p>

<p>Financial engineers tend to be more quant related than straight up being traders (and definitely not in sales), so they build complex mathematical models and such that traders use, or that they trade on themselves. Another possibility from quants would be algorithmic trading jobs at top prop trading shops or hedge funds (think getco, , citadel,etc.). I'm not sure if undergrads get these type of jobs at banks (pretty sure they do at top prop trading shops and some few at top hedge funds), but you should def look into getting a more quant type role on a trading desk rather than just trading if you are looking into a bank. That being said, trading in S&T would probably prepare you for it as well, though it is not as relevant as the previous roles.</p>

<p>What do you want to do after getting the MFE? I work as a quant on the buyside directly out of undergrad so if you want to chat, pm me.</p>