Finance/Accounting Double Major?

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<p>"Yes, but you must earn the two degrees simultaneously—not one after the other. Within business, only a double major in information systems and one other business major is possible. For example, you can double major in finance and information systems, but you cannot double major in finance and marketing. Students are not allowed to earn a business degree and an economics degree from the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences because the requirements for these degrees are too similar to merit the awarding of a second bachelor's degree. Students may select another major outside of the School of Business provided that the student meets each college's requirements, as they may vary."</p>

<p>Does mean a Finance/Accounting double major at UF is not possible?</p>


<p>If it’s possible, good luck…</p>

<p>No, you can’t do a finance/accounting double major. If you can handle it, it would be possible to do a finance major and accounting minor. finance and accounting majors are both extremely difficult and are pretty similar anyways, so you should just pick 1.</p>