Finance Concentration VS Major

Hi folks,

Can anyone here advise on the finance Concentration at Marist?
Does it prepare you well for a career in Finance?
Would it be respected amongst employers?
Does anyone know the job placement rate in this field after completing
The business major with a concentration in Finance from Marist?

Hi–I don’t know a lot about Marist as a whole as my kids don’t attend yet, but I posted in the “vibe” thread about my friend’s son who graduated in 2018 (S14 high school grad year) with the degree in finance. Got job offer with very well known financial firm right out of college and has great salary. He did several internships while in college and felt the job recruiting from there was really good…from what I remember him saying, all his close friends got jobs right out of college.

Hope that helps a little.

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Thanks @cakeisgreat that is fantastic to hear. I was not sure how a concentration would be looked at VS a major but it seems to be respected based on the answer you provided.