Finance internships

<p>i'm going to be a freshman this fall, interested in business/econ field. was wondering if it's typical a) for students to find internships by themselves/online or b) can they rely on CCE to connect them with the big banks?</p>

<p>i know it might be a bit early to start thinking about this stuff, but planning ahead for the spring/summer semesters.</p>

<p>^in freshman and soph summers it's very difficult to get internships which don't involve 90% mundane btch work. Most sophs who get internships are:</p>

<p>a) brilliant and beat out juniors to get hired
b) really smart and say they are graduating a year early with the general coursework to justify it
c) Apply to difficult to get into sophomore year programs at bulge bracket banks which usually involve getting acquainted to finance and doing rotations
d) seek out internships online or through networking and agree to do anything and everything for nothing / very little
e) find a year round internship and continue it over the summer
f) have rich parents with contacts</p>

<p>in junior year the vast majority of successful students apply through CCE and get hired. Some truly exceptional candidates will apply online to firms like Blackstone, which doesn't recruit undergrads on campus, and take that job over CCE offers. Some who don't make the cut anywhere, will apply to smaller firms on their own and get hired by promising blood, sweat and tears. </p>

<p>I know a couple of kids in every category I listed.</p>

<p>ah, i see. so basically motivated sophs must take the initiative themselves to convince bulge bracket firms, and juniors get it easier because of CCE.</p>