finance major place well on walstreet?

<p>I was wondering what percent of students that want to work for a BB firm in investment banking actually recive ibanking jobs. In NYC of course
Thanks to all in advance this is for university of Richmond</p>

<p>gopad, UR has had a lot of luck placing students on the Street. Couldn't tell you the %, but we were an on campus destination for GS due to George Wellde being the Vice Chair of Securities (he did retire in 2008, so I'm not sure how that's affected things although he is on the Board of Fortress now). </p>

<p>Every year, the career development center takes a group up to Wall St. to meet with alumni on the Street. Here's a video from the 2009 trip :YouTube</a> - Spider Road Trip: Wall Street 2009</p>

<p>Personally, I can think of 5 friends from my class that ended up in IB on the Street and several others (myself included) who didn't want NYC and found positions with boutique shops elsewhere.</p>