Finance Major

Can anyone recommend the good finance majors schools maybe top #10 thru #25?
We do know the top 10 very competitive ones. thanks

Depends upon your top 10 list & what your career objective is.

Without more information, consider SMU–Cox in Dallas, Texas.

Indiana University–Kelley.

Here is one (of many) rankings…


There are different types of finance programs. Some are more focused on Financial Services (Banking, Asset Mgmt, etc while others emphasize Corporate Finance (kind of an accounting / corp fin blend). You can study the curriculum of each school online to see their focus.

Many state flagship schools, that are not top 10 schools, have excellent finance programs. i.e., University of Washington-Seattle, University of Arizona, University of Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Ohio State, Penn St., Maryland, etc.

Thanks guys… She is looking for a finance major with careers in hedge funs and behavioral sciences. with hopefully a goal getting into law post grad.

Hedge funds recruit a lot of math/cs/engineering types, not just finance grads.

The typical path to a hedge fund is through investment banking, not straight from UG (although some do get that opportunity). Many kids in IB spend their 2 yrs as analysts and then migrate to the buy side, then go back to get their MBA, then back to the buy side. It’s a VERY competitive track, Lots of finance majors, but as @chmcnm properly states, lots of heavy quant / math / CS types. And depending on school, plenty of liberal arts kids (from top feeders).

If you are thinking of hedge fund, investment banking, the math, econ, finance quan majors are idea as previously mentioned. It better to graduate from a top 10 and possibly top 15 undergrauate school. Beyond 15, it gets dicey. For example, when recruiting undergrads, firms such as Goldman Sachs, Chase, etc, generally recruit from the top 10 undergraduate business schools. or top peer schools in math/economics, etc.

Physics is a good path to hedge funds.

Babson. located in Boston

I think it depends mainly on what you want to study. I wouldn’t pay crazy money for something that you can become better and better after you get your first jobs. I would also look for something into the investing and trading sector as well. I study myself in economics and financial business administration and on my free time I love to read the best investing books In order to prepare myself for the ongoing changes in the sector. Whatever school you choose it’s really important to stay updated and such fields.

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