finance major?

<p>im looking for a college in cali or ny that has a good finance major. not concerned about cost but it can't be ridiculously expensive (over 40k/semester). And only schools with finance majors, not a concentration within an econ or accounting major because i'm not interested in econ or accounting... otherwise i would want to major in it. (maybe a school with a finance concentration in business but i would prefer just finance)</p>

<p>cornell is u can get good aid.... applied economics and Management is the department... NYU but dont expect to get any aid at all lol! and in terms of cali.... USC and UC Berkeley are rite there</p>

<p>cornell and nyu are kinda out of my league but since im just starting CC maybe my grades might-- no my grades WILL improve (i have average standards lol). USC is ok but i dont like the neighborhood (i literally live a couple of blocks away from usc but wish to be in NoCal) and there are hardly any other minority students besides latino and asian (im african-american), same with Cal but since im not in the bay area i can't actually say for certain.</p>