Finance/Math Double Major

<p>I am looking at maybe getting a double major in Finance and Math. I have looked into the careers that I could go into with these two degrees and all of them seem enjoyable. I'm just wondering if double majoring in Math and Finance is even plausible? And if I major in both of those what careers would be best to look into?</p>

<p>Lol I have the same exact question</p>

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<p>I once considered the same thing, but you may as well end up being an Analyst. Except if you focus on Actuarial Science. But most people who study both become an Investment Banker or some kind of analyst- business, financial, technology, research, operations while focusing mainly on a company's bottom line. The best industry for this is the financial industry with big name companies like JP Morgan, BAC, Morgan Stanley etc. You may check one of their Summer Analyst Program for a start. their rigourus recruitment process is not encouraging, and also by obtaining only a finance degree sometimes a person may be equally qualified compared to those with a math and finance degree.
However, it is possible for you to decide to make use of only one degree to get a job maybe finance or a math degree alone (note that careers in this field is limited). I chose CS and (maybe) math because i needed just 6 more classes to get a degree in math, but also, sometimes engineering companies (mostly, petroleum/energy companies) seek math majors for field engineering positions. Other companies that are keen to take math majors are the National Security Agency and other agencies...</p>

<p>Thank you for the feedback</p>

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<p>With that combo all doors are open to you.</p>


<p>Some schools out there offer a major called Mathematical Finance, sometimes a specialized track in the Math department (under a BS in Mathematics).</p>

<p>If you can fit it, I would recommend doing the double major. It should be possible to do at most schools. I majored in statistics and economics and it has opened up many, many doors for me. Companies love to hire students with strong math skills in addition to having some business acumen.</p>

<p>As for careers, look into becoming a trader, investment banker, portfolio analyst, actuary, pretty much anything in the financial services/consulting field.</p>